Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beauty is Skin Deep

Caring for your skin BEFORE your wedding is as important, if not more, to ensure beautiful make-up for the big day.

If you already don't have a regiment to follow, here are the basics: cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturize and protect - by using sunscreen...all year round - oh, and drink lots of water!

The other great thing to do is have a facial once a month (your Aesthetician
will be able to help you identify the best type of facial for your skin type). If you can do every two weeks, that's even better. Rotating a Microdermabrasion once a month also helps the exfoliating process, leaving your skin brighter.

Having great skin helps make your make-up look flawless and makes the application much easier. For professional advice on skin care and bridal make-up (including the flawless look of airbrush), be sure to visit http://www.bridalmakeupstudio.com

Interested in Botox, laser hair removal , chemical peels, SmartLipo, microdermabrasion or Rejuvaderm? Visit Cherry Hill Laser & Skin Care's website to find out when their next open house is - they do a ton of raffles, and you can even win free Botox, watch a Fraxel demonstration, purchase top-of-the-line skin care prodcts, such as Obagi, and so much more!!! Visit Cherry Hill Laser and Skin Care for a FREE consultation. http://www.chlasermd.com

Monday, September 29, 2008

Honeymoon Wishes

Bides & grooms can register for their honeymoon, just like their wedding. Visit http://www.honeymoonwishes.com/ to see how it works, how to get started and tips about planning your honeymoon. Happy travels!

"Dress for Less"

A-line, ball gown, mermaid, princess...so many shapes, so many choices. You can check out all the different designs to suit your style and body type by visiting http://www.brides.com/fashion/dresses/gallery/wedding_dresses/landing/?nav=email_Mktg_Galleries0908_Dresses Then, you can go to a site like, www.bridalonlinestore.com, to get "the look for less." It will take a little research on your part, but it may be worth saving $3,000 on a gown that you are going to wear one time! Happy dress shoppng!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tips from a florist to save on centerpieces...

Do you love those majestic centerpieces that you see in bridal
magazines - but you're on a strict budget? Don't worry here are
5 tips for you to have great centerpieces at low cost:

1) Don't specify your flowers - If you want 80 "Black baccara"
roses for your wedding we (as florists) have to place a 'special
order' with our wholesaler to ensure the flowers are available on
the day. These flowers have to be bought at the flower auction
regardless of price. - which is usually a more expensive way of
buying flowers.

To save money instead of specifying a specific flower just give
your florist a theme (such as a Natural Spring theme) or color
scheme and ask her to buy the best value flowers on the day from
the wholesaler.

2) Choose Seasonal Flowers - if you want tulips in the autumn
expect to pay more than in the spring. See this page for seasonal
flower ideas http://www.wedding-flowers-guide.com/seasonal-wedding-flowers.html

Check out ebook "Create Your Own Wedding Flowers" has ideas for making
your own real flowers.


4) Floating Centerpieces - Floating centerpieces are a great way to
make an inexpensive centerpiece - and there are loads of options
open to you. You can float cymbidium orchids heads or rose heads,
floating candles or a combination of the two.

5) Forget Flowers Altogether - Although flowers are the most
popular type of centerpiece you don't have to use them. You could
use a decorated lantern or candelabra (or pretty candlestick

An artistically arranged bowl of fruit can serve as a great
centerpiece and there is the added advantage that there is no
wastage, as your guests can eat them!

For more great tips visit wedding-flowers-guide.com or if you need a helping hand, email me at mcscanzano@gmail.com

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Light Fair

In lieu of floral centerpieces, decorate with reusable “Antique White” lanterns, $10-$13, from Jamali Garden Supplies, jamaligarden.com. “Sam” patterned pillar candles add warmth to the room, $17 for three, from Accents de Ville, 800-663-2384. “Shadow-Cut Mofit” table numbers have a clean, modern design, $36 for six, ForYourParty.com. (You can create the same great effect without spending that much on table cards, but theses are cetainly beautiful.){Picture and info from www.brides.com}

Using this candle/lantern idea can be budget friendly and gives off a warm glow to your reception.

Perfect Postage

Can't find the perfect stamps to go with you wedding invitation?
Try customizing your stamps with your monogram, pictures and more. By customizing your stamps, you can start bringing attention to detail to your wedding day right from the mail! Visit http://www.artisticpostage.com/

Don't rule out Tulips

Bring out the happy mood on your wedding day with tulips! Tulips come in multiple bright colours to make your wedding an unforgettable one. You can choose from a wide variety of tulips to suit your taste and budget. They work well as bouquets and there is nothing prettier than multi-colored tulips in beautiful containers for a spring or summer wedding. (I was at a fashion show in Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida several years ago. They used this tulip idea as centerpieces on crisp white table clothes - gorgeous!) All Things Beautiful can get quality Tulips for your wedding at a very reasonable price - we can even handle the decor and bouquets. If you're interested & getting married in the Spring or Summer of 2009 - call soon because the calendar is getting booked!

Follow this link for caring for tulips & using them in your wedding...http://www.wedding-flowers-guide.com/tulip-wedding-flowers.html

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Scrap" Your Wedding

There are your typical anniversary gifts, anything ranging from lingerie to engraved clocks. Here's an anniversary idea for you to plan even while you're engaged. This is what I did - and you can certainly the idea and run with it...I saved everything during our engagement - from pre-marital counseling sign-up, to our "homework" assignments, tickets to events, matches of a special restaurant, notes people have written us, games from the bridal shower, ribbon, journal entries, pictures, invitations, etc. You can save for as long as you want. When it comes to anniversary time, you can create a scrap book archiving your journey as a couple. It's a great way to spend a romantic anniversary evening with candles strolling down memory lane. If and when you have children, it would be something they would love to see too!

Wedding Instant Customization

Branding your Wedding

Move beyond just monograms and create a decorative logo to "brand" your wedding. Designs can be based on your initials, but can also incorporate your hobbies and interests. Use your personalized logo on save-the-dates, invitations, napkins, table decor and more. Visit http://nmbelina.blogspot.com/
where they can do all the above! (The above ticket was for a 30th birthday party for a pilot - great attention to detail and what fun!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dance, Dance, Dance...Band or DJ?

Terrific tips to help you solve the eternal wedding-day music question

When you have the band-versus-dj discussion, you need to think about what each has to offer before signing a contract. Jung Lee, a co-owner of FĂȘte, a top New York event-planning firm, says, "A great dj is better than a mediocre band any day, but a live band has wonderful energy that you can’t get from recorded music." You decide which fits your party better.

Reasons to book a DJ:
>> He’s affordable (dj prices start at about $500 for five hours; bands are often a minimum of $3,000)
>> Will play any song you want
>> Can work in small spaces without a lot of equipment
>> Keeps music going during the entire party with no lull
>> Is trained to choreograph the reception and make announcements
(Tip: be sure you have seen the DJ/MC in action before booking!)

Reasons to book a band:
>> They make a more dramatic presentation, with musicians, vocalists, and all those instruments
>> Have unique personalities
>> Their infectious energy can get people on the dance floor
>> Guests who don’t dance will still enjoy watching the show
>> Live music is more emotional, which is what the day is all about

This content originally appeared in Brides magazine

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Touch of Class

By combining classical style with some modern touches, you ensure you won't hate your wedding pictures 20 years down the road! Pictures provided by http://www.flowersandsupplies.com/

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun Facts

When putting guests who do not know eachother together it's a nice idea to create a way to generate conversation. Why not try putting fun facts about the bride & groom on the table...and they can double as centerpieces.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tie the Knot

Beautiful programs that you can make - with a little patience - and they add a beautiful detail to your ceremony. Follow this link to see how to...http://www.brides.com/weddingstyle/decorations/gallery/editorspick/detail/125309?offset=522

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wedding Graffiti

Came across this site and love it! I hope you'll check them out and put your creative juices to good use! (They also provide samples & you can virtually put the graffiti anywhere.) This link is for their wedding page... http://www.wonderfulgraffitiwedding.com/

Friday, September 19, 2008

What to do for a Guest Book?

Instead of the old stand by, here are a few cute ideas:

1. Get pretty papers or card stock (stick to your color theme), colored pencils and stickers. Let your guests write personalized notes and drop them into a pretty glass container. (You can even customize the paper or card stock to reflect your wedding date, requesting address, monograms, etc. Note: scrap book supplies would work well here!
2. Create a 12-month calendar and have your guests leave a message on their birth date. Again, you can customize the calendar and the colors used for writing.
3. Vintage leather-bound notebook with polaroid shots of your guests taken act your wedding. Your guests can write a note next to the picture. (A second picture can be taken to give to your guests on the spot.) If you don't want to take polaroids on the spot, you can take pictures with a digital camera and send them with your thank yous. THen, just let your guest write their notes adn little doodles in the guest book.
If you're interested in submitting an idea and would like it posted, please email mcscanzano@gmail.com
Thanks & happy planning!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kids @ Weddings...What to do with Them?

Some families have a ton of kids, and they can be a great part of your wedding...but you have to be prepared. Here are some great tips from Kids Wedding Fun. Visit them at http://www.kidsweddingfun.com/wedding_tips.html

Wedding Reception Tips – Preparing a Wedding Table Just For Children:

1. Know your guest list for the children’s wedding table. Generally, the children’s wedding table will be for children ages 3 – 12. Very young children (age 2 - 3) need some help while eating and may be better suited to stay with mom or dad, or at least have mom and dad on a table very close to them.

2. A children's menu is a must! Kids prefer common foods (like pizza) to gourmet food (like stuffed mushrooms), so have familiar foods for them to eat and everybody will be happier. If the meal is a buffet, consider choosing a few child-friendly items to add, like pecan-crusted chicken strips. They might have fancier name, but kids will think of them as chicken nuggets. Also, a fantastic bonus for you: child-friendly food generally costs much less than your caterer’s most popular dishes!

3. Cups with lids can keep everybody dry! Resist the temptation to choose crystal or glass drinking glasses for the children's table. Request cups with lids for the children's table even if they dress down your elegant table. Keep in mind that a wet table is worse than clear plastic drinking cups with lids and straws.

4. A small snack can be a lifesaver. Adults can handle hunger better than children, and many times wedding food is served to a famished crowd. To prevent cranky, fussy children, consider purchasing individual bags of crackers or lightly sweetened cookies to help children wait until the buffet line is open, or the meal can be served. You can even add a pretty ribbon to the package to dress it up a bit! The parents will think you are a genius and will be most appreciative that you have taken special notice of their child. This tip is especially important for your little flower girls or ring bearers - they have done their job, so a nice snack will give them the energy to keep up the smiles and enjoy the wedding reception.

5. Have activities for children to do while sitting and waiting. To adults, it is not sitting and waiting, but to kids it can feel like an eternity until they can eat and dance on the dance floor. Children need something to do while adults are enjoying appetizers and conversation. Crayons and paper are a good start, but that will not hold the attention of all children for very long. Look for age-appropriate, small, individual games and sticker sets – nothing messy, loud, or moving.

6. Give every child their own activities. Sharing is great in theory, but can lead to tears and disappointment – the last thing you want at your wedding reception. If you choose activities such as crayons, puzzles, and snacks for the Children's Wedding Table, have a set for each child (labeled with their name), at their place.

For activities and gift ideas for children, be sure to check out their site!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love is in the Details part 2

Although this arrangement is full of roses - which can cost a bundle - you can create the same effect with a less expensve flower, like carnations. I know carnations get a bad rap sometimes, but masses of them in one color is truly a site!
I have a picture to show you, but I have to find it! Stay tuned....

Love is in the Details

Attention to details does not have to cost a lot of money. Finishing touches really add a polished effect to your overal ceremony and reception. It is also an opportunity to make your guests really feel special...and that makes the bride and groom feel good too!

The kicker is the bride and/or groom usually do not have the time to individually wrap candies or make custom labels, or take individual pictures of guests at the reception. This is where your wedding planner can step in and make your event extra special and maybe even a few surprises!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wedding Plans...FREE Consultation

If your overwhelmed with trying to maintain a budget, not sure of what flowers to pick or just too busy for the ton of details, maybe it's time to enlist professional help? All Things Beautiful is offering a FREE consultation to brides seeking some sanity - and the perfect wedding. Contact us today to schedule your free consulation!

Wedding Wire Member

100 Things to Do!

The idea of planning a wedding is exciting, yet it can be a bit over whelming....especially when you start to actually decide on a "look", sort through the hundreds of vendors, work out travel arrangements, clean-up crews, budget every penny spent and realize there are more details than expected.

Creating the wedding of your dreams will take more than just a beautiful dress and fancy flowers (which cost a fortune). For the same amount of money you would spend on those fancy flowers, help from a planner who can offer industry expertise and a little thought you can create an extraordinary wedding ceremony and reception that will not only leave a lasting impression on you, but your guests.

Here are a few tips to help keep you sane in the planning process!

1. Decide on a date. Even if you can't nail down a specific day in a month - at least have an idea of the time of year. This will have an effect on your decor and where your ceremony and reception site will be.
2. Your Style. Are you trendy, a romantic or artistic? Your wedding can reflect your personality and style. Sticking to a theme really helps keep you focused in the tons of choices out there. It is often tempting to pick a hodgepodge of things you like, but in the end they do not go well together.
3. Stay focused. Keep a master list of things you need to do and complete one task at the time. If you are anything like me, you may tend to want to do everything, or at least get started in everything at one time - especially in the beginning becasue it is such an exciting event. FOCUS! If you complete one thing at a time, you know it is done and you can feel confident you don't have one more thing to juggle in your schedule!
4. Stay organized...all the way until the wedding day! There are online resources, such as http://www.weddingwire.com/ or http://www.marthastewart.com/ (weddings) or you can use a journal, etc. Whatever method works best for you, stay organized so you don't get overwhelmed.
5. Get Help. Whether you get a planner or have a crew of friends and family who are REALLY up to the task, know you will need help to make the big day go smoothly. I have seen time and time again people trying to plan an event this size on their own only to be stressed out and leaving details undone.

Congrats on your engagement and happy planning!