Friday, October 30, 2009

Decorator Tip

Place tall decor elements around the perimeter of the room. High-hung drapes or 15-foot branches in urns impart a sense of coziness and intimacy. {Thanks to Brilliant Idea for the tip!}

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seating Charts for Fans

One of Lucky Orchid's brides just sent over a picture of her St. Louis Cardinals seating chart from her rehearsal dinner - and we think it is so adorable!
The bride had surprised the groom with this special touch to the event! She had this to say: "Brian loved the rehearsal dinner seating chart...It was a HUGE hit!!! Lots of STL fans were there so they all thought it was the best thing ever...Brian was SO surprised."
Here is another example for an Atlanta Braves fan...

This is just another idea on how to make your big day personal to you. The rehearsal dinner is a great time to incorporate fun ideas that may not fit in with the mood or feel of the wedding itself. Thanks to Lucky Orchid for the pics and ideas!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bella Pictures Invites you to Win their Complete Wedding Photography Package.

Custom-designed wedding photography package worth approximately $4,800 includes 8hours of coverage with two Bella Pictures photographers, a personalized wedding album, digital negatives, archival-quality prints, photo retouching, and much more.
ENTER to win!

Have Martha Stewart Design Your Wedding for Just $1500!?

That's what Sandals resort is offering couples who book one of their new Martha Stewart theme weddings, which start at $1500. The legendary tastemaker Martha Stewart has worked with the resort to create five different wedding themes that have her stamp of approval and sense of design. Of course, Martha won't be there to individually style your wedding, although there's probably no harm in telling your coworkers that you're having a Martha Stewart wedding in the islands. If you're budget conscious, you might want to just get inspired by her magazine, as the price only covers some design elements and not essentials like photography, music, or dinner for your guests. To learn more, visit Sandals Resorts. {Thanks to Nina Callaway for the Info!}

Friday, October 23, 2009

RSVP Reminder

Number the guest list and the backs of the RSVP cards, in case someone forgets to write in his or her name. {Thanks to for the idea and for the image.} Happy Planing!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Branding Your Marriage!

Move beyond monograms and create a decorative logo to "brand" your wedding. Designs can be based on your initials, but can also incorporate your hobbies and interests. Use your personalized logo on save-the-dates, invitations, napkins, table decor and more. {Thanks to Modern Bride for the tip!}

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wedding Day Beauty Count Down...

6 months prior: Start growing hair out, or try a new color.
5 months prior: Get serious about skin care & drink lots of water. If you can do it, get monthly facials by a professional - it will make your makeup application so much smoother and you will need less coverage. It's not a bad idea to have to groom visit the esthetician with you and begin a skin care regim. He can glow too!
4 months prior: Schedule consults with makeup artists.
3 months prior: Experiment with self-tanners for a natural glow.
2 months prior: Have your eyebrows professionally shaped.
1 month prior: Whiten your teeth to add sparkle to your smile.
2 weeks prior: Exfoliate and moisturize for silky smooth skin. (This should be on-going...Start much earlier and having it as a daily routine keeps skin healthy)
1 week prior: Get a bikini wax and splurge on a massage.
1 day prior: Have a professional pedicure and manicure.
Wedding Day: Be sure to schedule enoughtime for your make-up artist to get your make-up done in time for the photographer. Keep this in mind also for the bridal party, if they are also getting makeup done by the same artist. Then, sit back and get gorgeous! Happy Planning!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saving on Flowers

One great way to save on cut flowers: Splurge on the reception, where people will see the flowers for four to five hours. Ceremony flowers will be seen for an hour, tops. Thanks to for the tip! Happy Planning!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Showing Your Personality

Couples are often looking for interesting ways to showcase their personalities through their weddings, and having meaningful table names is one way to do just that! But what "themes" work best? Here is a list of recent ideas that our couples have come up with:

Places the couple has traveled
Places the couple wants to travel
Sports players
Sports teams
Icons (rather than names)
The word “love” in various languages
Various words in different languages (ie. Italian, Portuguese, or French)
Lakes and Fish (the groom was really into fishing)
Names of buildings at/around your college(s)
Local street names
{Thanks to Luck Orchid for the ideas and info! Be sure to visit them for more inspiration.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your Rehersal "Dinner"

A rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be a dinner at all. Host a brunch or lunch if it’s easier for your schedule—the point is to have an intimate event that allows families to mingle. Happy Planning!
{courtesy of}