Thursday, November 19, 2009

7 Wedding Cake Trends

Thanks to the for these trendy cakes! I hope they inspire you!

Wedding Cake Trend #1: Buttercream-frosted Cakes
There's nothing more irresistible than buttercream frosting piped on thick. Go back to basics -- have your wedding cake covered with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate or just-wanna-lick-the-bowl buttercream. Cake: A Simple Cake by Gail Watson, New York

Wedding Cake Trend #2: Haute Chocolate Cakes Chocolate isn't just for groom's cakes: This pleated chocolate cake, accented with oversized sugar flowers proves it. Cake: Cake Bliss, Brooklyn, NY

Wedding Cake Trend #3: Playful Lines Two-dimensional pop art-style orange sugar flowers add a little rowdiness to a very square, symmetrical cake that's trimmed with orange and white-striped fondant bands. Cake: Truli Confectionary Arts, Philadelphia

Wedding Cake Trend #4: Dramatic Color A charcoal and white Art Decor pattern calls for a couple of natural accents, such as bright red chrysanthemums. Cake: Ron Ben-Israel, New York, NY

Wedding Cake Trend #5: Cake Trios Small white square cakes mimic the main attraction -- a white-three-tiered fondant cake with a punched-out blue and orange vine pattern. Blue sugar-made hydrangeas soften the look while simple risers (no plastic columns here!) add height to the display. Cake: Mark Joseph Cakes, Brooklyn, NY

Wedding Cake Trend #6: Global Patterns Consider your wedding cake to be the perfect opportunity to honor your heritage. This pattern, reminiscent of an old-world Spanish tile design, was hand-painted onto sugar plaques. Cake: I Dream of Cake, San Francisco, CA

Wedding Cake Trend #7: Sophisticated Monograms A monogram this stately -- hand-painted in a scripted style on a beveled gold sugar plaque -- really deserves a regal backdrop. Soft, hand-painted golden leaves, crimped tiers, and simple yellow bands do the trick. Cake: Jan Kish, La Petite Fleur, Worthington, OH

And I have to add this one in for my future brother-in-law, Craig!

{Story by Anja Winikka and Krissy Tiglias Photography by Antonis Achilleos
Styling by Dominique Baynes}

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Make-up Tip

Lipstick really stays put if you start with a waxy balm (let it sit for 30 minutes); then fill the center of the lips with pencil that matches your lipstick. Apply loose powder over that with a brush, follow with lipstick, and then go back to define the edges with pencil.

Visit Ellie's Bridal Makeup Studio for more!

Compare & Save

The most expensive flowers used here are the cymbidium orchids, hellebores and lilacs, and the silk ribbon alone costs $20. "I used white lilac in this bouquet because it has a ‘drippy’ quality that other blooms can’t replicate," says Yumiko Fletcher, of Hana Floral Design,, "but, like other blooms, its price spikes during the off-season." Price: $275


Fletcher’s first cost-saving move was to use dendrobium orchids instead of cymbidiums (the latter bloom is 20 percent more expensive). Then she replaced the pricey hellebores with white lisianthus. "They both have fluttery, ruffly petals," says Fletcher. She also incorporated inexpensive but good-looking greenery as well
as a standard-issue satin ribbon.
Price: $95

Thanks to for sharing these tips and images. Be sure to visit them for more cost-saving tips and DIYs!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Budgeting Your Blooms

Three factors determine the cost of your bouquet: the number of flowers, the type of flower, and the hours of labor. But keeping costs down doesn't mean carnations are your only option (not that there is anything wroing with using them. The can be beautiful when done right)! Here's a little bud buying guide to help get you started:

Affordable: dahlias, sunflowers, irises, gerbera daisies
Mid-Range: snapdragons, roses, oriental lilies, freesias
Splurge: calla lilies, stephanotis, sweet peas, peonies

There are many varieties of flowers and it's a good idea you do a little leg work before meeting with your florist. Get to know the flower(s) and the look you like (bring pictures with you) and have an idea if what you like is in season - it will be more cost-effective and you won't be asking for the impossible. Visit to see the many different colors and varieties.

I have a wonderful florist here in New Jersey (Garden Party Sisters), and if you're from this area I suggest you give them a call. They are two sisters who do a great job - honest, cost effective and great work! They are doing my sister-in-law's wedding. (After the wedding in April 2010 I'll post pics). Tell them Michelle Scanzano of All Things Beautiful sent you! Visit Be sure to also check out their blog to see some of the weddings thy have done. Happy Planning!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Connect with Your Guests

Connect with your guests by sharing something from your childhood. Offer a favorite snack such as caramel popcorn or marshmallow twists, or potted flowers from the area where you grew up. Attach a short note to explain the significance.

This is one way to bring an intimate feeling to your day with many guests! Happy Planning. {Visit for more}

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Color Decisions

Can’t decide on a wedding color? Celebrity event planner Colin Cowie suggests designing an all-white wedding and using LED lights around the reception room to add color that can be easily changed throughout the night. Thanks to for the tip!