Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tips from a florist to save on centerpieces...

Do you love those majestic centerpieces that you see in bridal
magazines - but you're on a strict budget? Don't worry here are
5 tips for you to have great centerpieces at low cost:

1) Don't specify your flowers - If you want 80 "Black baccara"
roses for your wedding we (as florists) have to place a 'special
order' with our wholesaler to ensure the flowers are available on
the day. These flowers have to be bought at the flower auction
regardless of price. - which is usually a more expensive way of
buying flowers.

To save money instead of specifying a specific flower just give
your florist a theme (such as a Natural Spring theme) or color
scheme and ask her to buy the best value flowers on the day from
the wholesaler.

2) Choose Seasonal Flowers - if you want tulips in the autumn
expect to pay more than in the spring. See this page for seasonal
flower ideas

Check out ebook "Create Your Own Wedding Flowers" has ideas for making
your own real flowers.

4) Floating Centerpieces - Floating centerpieces are a great way to
make an inexpensive centerpiece - and there are loads of options
open to you. You can float cymbidium orchids heads or rose heads,
floating candles or a combination of the two.

5) Forget Flowers Altogether - Although flowers are the most
popular type of centerpiece you don't have to use them. You could
use a decorated lantern or candelabra (or pretty candlestick

An artistically arranged bowl of fruit can serve as a great
centerpiece and there is the added advantage that there is no
wastage, as your guests can eat them!

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