Thursday, July 21, 2011

Think Inside the Box?

Blumebox wants to change the way you think about vases.

What does clear glass say about your personal style? Probably not very much. And, unless every room in your house is the same color, and every party you throw has the same theme, you might want to diversify the way you display flowers and the way you set your table.

During a cleaning rampage, blumebox founders Wade and Whitney Flanagan opened up a cupboard to find enough nondescript glass vases to fill a florist shop. After a dozen trips to the recycling bin to get rid of the dust collectors, they were determined to develop a smart alternative.

The Flanagans (Whitney, a marketing executive, and Wade, an engineer) asked themselves what were the most important aspects when it came to vase design. They determined that a vase should be a beautiful complement to the flowers without competing with them, should reflect the personal style of the person using it, should be environmentally friendly, and low-cost. With this in mind, they set forth to design an innovative container that can be personalized for any event, and easily transported, even when full of flowers. After numerous prototypes and a lot of refining, blumebox was born!

When it comes to design, function and cost, blumebox kicks glass! Its smart design includes streamlined packaging, allowing the blumebox to be shipped and stored flat. It is literally a snap to put together, and just as easy to fold back down to be stored between uses.

The wide array of colors makes it easy to match a blumebox to the color scheme of a flower arrangement or the theme of an entire event.

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