Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unexpected Centerpieces

Unexpected Centerpieces, Tree
Tree centerpieces with pomanders
Who needs a few puny offshoots when you can decorate your reception table with an entire tree? For a modern look, spray-paint the branches a monochromatic hue and adorn with graphic pomanders in a bright color.
Unexpected Centerpieces, Fruit
Boxes of fruit centerpieces
Nothing says summer or fall quite like a crate of oranges or a wooden bucket of apples. Why not put the flavors of the season at the center of your wedding reception decor?
Unexpected Centerpieces, Books
Board games and books centerpieces

One part vintage charm, one part charismatic personalization, building centerpieces around your hobbies or interests is a great way to put a unique touch on your wedding reception decor.
Unexpected Centerpieces, Potted Cacti
Potted cacti centerpieces
Lately succulents have been making a splash on the wedding scene, but for couples who really want their centerpieces to be unexpected, we suggest a tougher alternative.
Unexpected Centerpieces, Vintage
Centerpieces in unexpected containers

Vases are nice, mason jars are rustic, candelabrum are dramatic, but for a truly unexpected centerpiece, you need to broaden your understanding of what constitutes a flower holder
Unexpected Centerpieces, Dessert
Unexpected dessert centerpieces

You've probably seen weddings where the couple opts for small cakes on each table in lieu of sheet cakes or a giant wedding cake. In a similar vein, get creative with your dessert centerpieces by opting for colorful macaroons, truffles, or even marshmallow snowballs.
Unexpected Centerpiece, Ornamental
Ornamental Centerpieces

Ornaments aren't only for the Christmas tree anymore. By selecting vivid jewel tones in glitzy textures, these colorful orbs can add an unexpected twist to your reception centerpieces.

I hope you have been inspired to try something new! Thanks to the knot.com for the pictures and great tips!