Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unusual Bridal Party

Our animals hold a very special place in our hearts so I thought I'd share some 'real wedding' animal love!
This is Rudy. She lives in CA and was the flower girl for her owners, Jane & Edward. (She is too cute!)

These are Rudy's owners. The bride, Jane, has a love of horses so the couple took their bridal portraits at an equestrian center.

If you are an animal lover add a touch of personality to your tables with a tiny chalk horse. These horses can have names scribbled on in chalk to make a unique name setting. They are available here on Etsy.

The owl was a first for me ;-)

The loyal ring bearer for a charming barn wedding.

When considering incorporating your best friend into your wedding, think about the following:
1. The animals temperment, especially around strangers
2. Who will be responsible for your pet before, during and after the wedding
3. Be sure they have the essential water, food and a place to relieve themselves
4. The weather

This final image has nothing to do with weddings, but thought you might be amused...