Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blushing Brides

For a glow that stays incandescent all day, try layering your blush. If you've already applied liquid or cream foundation, start with a cream blush, dusting it with translucent powder, then brush on a powder blush. Thanks to for the here's my suggestion from living with aesthetician....don't depend on make-up for your big day look....take care of your skin on-going and your makeup application will go on smoother and your healthy glow will shine through. Do these simple steps:

1. Cleanse and exfoliate (the amount of times you exfoliate your skin per week will depend on your skin type and type of products you are using. Seek some guidance from a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist.)

2. Moisturize....daily - both morning and evening. Suggestion - use oil free even if you don't have oily skin. Most skin needs moisture not oil. Also, part of keeping your skin hydrated is drinking plenty of water and try to limit the caffeine (that's a tough one for me!)

3. Protect. Use SPF 30 to SPF 45 daily - all year round. I am not going to say don't tan, but do it without burning. When your skin color gets darker, it's damage any way you cut the cake; but I know brides like to have "color" on their wedding day. After working in a medical spa I have seen women in their 40's trying to erase the damage the sun has done to their skin - and pay a ton for it! The sun ages you plus increases your risk of skin cancer, so tan smartly!

Extra Info:
1. Facials - they are a ton of different kinds. If you can indulge in one once a month leading up to your wedding.
2. Avoid any treatments/facials, waxing too close to your wedding day. A week - 3 days the closest....this will ensure you are not too red.
3. A massage a few days before for relaxation!
4. Exercise- you may already have a regime, but if not; at least walk daily for 30 mins. Getting your heart pumping will increase oxygen and blood flow, making your skin glow!
5. Your groom can apply these same principles- he'll have great skin too!
Happy Planning and Happy 4th of July!