Monday, April 5, 2010

Bridal Makeup Countdown

6 months prior: Start growing hair out, or try a new color.
5 months prior: Get serious about skin care & drink lots of water.
4 months prior: Schedule consults with makeup artists.
3 months prior: Experiment with self-tanners for a natural glow.
2 months prior: Have your eyebrows professionally shaped.
1 month prior: Whiten your teeth to add sparkle to your smile.
2 weeks prior: Exfoliate and moisturize for silky smooth skin. {I really believe this should be done on a regular basis to always keep your skin at its best!)
1 week prior: Get a bikini wax and splurge on a massage.
1 day prior: Have a professional pedicure and manicure.
Wedding Day: Sit back and get gorgeous!
Thanks for the countdown! Happy Planning!