Monday, March 22, 2010

Food & Drink Etiquette...Q&A

Here's a question posed to brides magazine and the answer they gave. I am a FIRM believer guests should be guests at your wedding. As mentioned below there are tasks that can be done by friends/family that would not make them feel like hired help without the pay - but be sensitive to what the task is, how long will take...put yourself in their shoes. Also, be sure to have these pre-arranged. Do not ask a guest the day of your wedding to do something (here goes the beauty of having a coordinator - to think of these things and take care of any last minute details!) Hope this helps and happy planning!
Is it okay if we ask our families to serve food and tend bar during the reception? We’re trying to keep our costs down.
So, you’d like some of your guests (yes, family members are guests) to spend your wedding day carrying platters and pouring beer. Sound like fun? Exactly. It’s fine to have relatives shoulder a few easy jobs (making a quick run for more ice; manning the guest book), but no matter how tiny your budget, you must set aside enough money to hire a few helpers. Cut back on the flowers, skip the favors, but treat your guests like guests.