Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A planners Note

There are so many great and creative ideas avaialable to couples for their weddings. I would like to quickly mention to be sure you have someone on your day to orchestrate these great ideas....and that there is clean up.
For example, below you will see a bocce ball set-up at an outdoor wedding - who is going ot set it up and break it down...and return it to its rightful owner? Who will be responsible taking the top layer of your cake and keeping it safe until you get back from your honeymoon? Make sure someone is assigned to retireving your gifts adn cards. With each idea you have, think of the logistics that go with it. Also, on the day of the wedding I would suggest not relying on the mother-of-the-bride for any set-up or clean up tasks! Happy planning and enjoy the pictures below!