Monday, November 17, 2008

Wedding Day Transportation

Thanks to for offering great ideas & advice on contracting for transportation!

Pitching in
Enlist friends to transport guests to and from the reception, and show your gratitude by buying them a tank of gas and a small gift.

Limited service
Only arrange for transportation to and from the ceremony and reception. Don't have a car on call.

Footing the bill
Ask your attendants to drive themselves to the ceremony.

Simple chic

If your reception site is close to your ceremony site, opt for a less flashy vehicle since you won't be in it for long. Forgoing an antique Rolls Royce for a classy town car, for example, could save you a bundle.

Skip the amenities
Unless you plan on taking the car out for a whirl afterward, resist the bells and whistles such as a hot tub and stocked bar.

What to include in your contract

State the date and time and all pickups and drop-offs. Also, note the name of the driver and get a cell-phone number.
Create a repercussions clause (such as a partial refund) in the event of snags (like the driver arriving late).

Include a refund policy that states what you will pay if you cancel services and what the rental company will pay if it cancels services.
State the agreed upon price and everything that fee includes. Don't forget gratuity, overtime rates, and cleaning fees. Note all of the details of your vehicle(s): model, make, year, color, license number, amenities and how many passengers it seats.

Specify the chauffeur's dress code, be it a powdered wig and breeches or standard black uniform.

Note whether you will be insured through the rental company or through your credit card or personal car insurance.

Can you see their business license? Look for the National Limousine Association logo.
Do they own all of their rental cars? Companies that sublease are more likely to leave you stranded on your big day.

What kind of training do their drivers receive? Be sure to sign with a company that places a premium on optimal service, such as chauffeurs with etiquette training.

Is it possible to hire a car on an hourly basis?

What kind of insurance coverage do they provide?

What safety measures do they have in place?

Can you interview your driver?

Do drivers have uniforms? If not, ask whether you can specify the type of attire you'd like him or her to be wearing on your wedding day.

Is gratuity included in the total cost?

Do their rates cover any extras? (Think red-carpet rollouts and a bucket of Champagne.)