Monday, October 13, 2008

Planning & Preparation

When you are planning out the details of your wedding day (hair, make-up, pictures), it's a good idea to talk to each person providing service for you and your bridesmaids to confirm how much time they need to make you picture perfect. For example, if you have a photographer, who is scheduled to be at your location at 12:30 PM, will more than likely show-up at 12:00PM. He or she will want to take pictures of your shoes, dress, the family dog, etc. This means your make-up needs to be done BY 12:00...which means you have to appropriately allocate time for the make-up artist, your hair stylist and travel time. You don't want to rush your mascara on such a big day! Try making a little schedule like this one, it will help keep you sane! Thanks Ellie (of Ellie's Bridal Makeup Studio) for sharing!