Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Different Cakes...There's a style just for YOU!

A beautiful petite cake - almost too nice to eat!

A classic with a modern jolt.

Round and red hot!

Write your favorite saying, scripture or lyrics. This "saying" could be a theme that runs throughout your entire wedding - programs, written on the dance floor or wall (visit wedding grafitti link on the left-hand side), on your favors and even start with your invitations!

Try using fruit instead of flowers!

A spin from the classic white. Cool and conemporary!

This mini-cake iced with lime-colored fondant is topped with a delicate birdcage decorated with butterflies and flowers. This would make a fantastic centerpiece if you're looking to step outside the cake box!

Pretty in pleats!

For those of you who can't enough of dots, this one is cute as a button!

A Classic that will stand the test of time.

This "cut out" design is limitless in incorporating your look into your cake {various flowers shapes, monograms, hearts, snowflakes, etc.}

Sweet Daisies - this traditional flower is perfect for your spring or summer reception.

Croquembouche - a traditional wedding cake in France - deserves a spotlight in your wedding album!

Individual Baked Alaska is a sight coming into the dinning room on silver trays!

A prelude to the wedding cake, these mini sorbet layer "cakes" were served as a palete cleanser and garnished with raspberries. Chocolate initials add and extra personalized touch.

Four Buttercream cubes topped with parrot tulips. The blooms are arranged on clear acetate to prevent marrying the soft icing. Each cake serves 60. For easier slicing, foam board seperated the the two 4-inch-high layers.

Whichever style you like, be sure you think about looking through your album years to come. Happy cake tasting!